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“In The Next Few Minutes You’re Going To Learn
Secrets Most Home Business Owners Will Never Know
Know About How To Attract A Steady Stream Of
Interested Prospects To Your Business.”

…And the story of how two frustrated professionals cracked the code and sponsored more than
464 people without cold calling leads or chasing uninterested prospects…”


So Who Am I?

I’m Rich Hazlett And That’s My Wife Natasha With Me In A Picture We Took The First Week After Accomplishing Our Dream Of Moving Across The Country To Live In The Foothills of The Incredible Rocky Mountains.

Are you tired of chasing uninterested family members and friends trying to convince them to join your latest business opportunity?

Do you wonder what you need to do to generate an endless stream of red hot leads that want to talk to you about your business?

Are you ashamed to admit to your family & friends how LITTLE money you’ve made after investing a TON of time trying to succeed in your home business?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I know EXACTLY how you’re feeling…

Those were the same things that kept me up late at night after working a long day in Corporate America.

I kept trying to figure out how in the world my wife and I could succeed in our business like those people up on the stage.

That was definitely a very frustrating time for us. If you’re feeling frustrated too, I can tell you…

It’s not your fault…if you haven’t been exposed to the information we’re sharing today!

If you haven’t been able to make it happen for yourself yet…it’s not your fault, unless you are exposed to the information that would help you succeed and you simply fail to take action. This is actually good news for you today.

If you haven’t been successful in your efforts so far, you most likely just haven’t been exposed to right concepts and strategies that will allow you to achieve the results that you truly desire.

How do I know?

Well, it wasn’t too long ago that my wife and I were both working eight to ten hour days at our day jobs. I was working with Fortune 500 companies on marketing campaigns at an ad agency and Natasha was an attorney at a large Memphis law firm.

We were doing OK, but we knew we’d NEVER be able to create the time freedom and lifestyle we dreamed of if we continued down that path…

We decided to start a home business to make some extra money and create our “Plan B” that would allow us to live the lifestyle we wanted.

We were 100% committed to our plan to build a successful home business. Every night after a full day at our at our jobs, we came home and worked on our Plan B.

A couple of months later, we had spent COUNTLESS hours creating and passing out flyers all over town, leaving sizzle cards wherever we went, going to hotel meetings…

Talking to people in a 3 foot radius, pitching co-workers, sending out holiday cards, bothering family members, inviting friends and neighbors to our home for a “grand-opening party”…

Only to be ridiculed for doing one of those “pyramid things.”

To add insult to injury…after ALL of that effort…

We only sponsored ONE person.


It felt like we were running on one of those spinning hamster wheels…working hard EVERY day and getting NOWHERE!

We started feeling bad about the whole thing…we were totally embarrassed that we weren’t succeeding, just as our family and friends had predicted.

We began wondering if maybe we had made a mistake…

At this point, someone in our upline told us that we needed to invite MORE people to our house and said that they would just make them feel “STUPID” if they didn’t join.

What kind of strategy is THAT?

We were willing to spend our free time building our business…

But we had NO interest in making our family members and friends feel stupid.

We really weren’t sure WHAT we needed to be doing…

Our upline was preaching to us about how we HAD to talk to everyone who came within 3 feet of us in public…and encouraging us to continue “sharing” our business with our family and friends.

We knew that those methods just weren’t going to cut it.


Out of Sheer Frustration, We Stumbled Onto Two Little
Words That Changed Our Lives FOREVER…

Attraction Marketing…

We discovered this concept through the stories of a couple of network marketers that had created incredible results in their businesses using the internet.

We were in awe when we found out that these people had discovered a way to attract prospects TO them…

Instead of being forced to humiliate themselves by chasing uninterested people trying to convince them to join their business.

We discovered that people were literally sponsoring dozens and dozens of people into their businesses doing the opposite of what we had been taught to do. When we found out that they were getting their amazing results by leading with valuable information…not their latest business opportunity, we had our “Ah-hah moment”.

That’s when we gave up all of our previously-held notions about how to build our home business. We became students of attraction marketing and spent the next two years learning and implementing everything we could find out about the subject.

At first, the changes we implemented into our business strategy seemed like good ideas, but we weren’t sure if they would really work for us.

Shortly after implementing our new online approach, we sponsored our first new rep by generating a lead online and directing them to our marketing system.

We were on a weekend getaway out of town, and after answering just a few questions via email, we sponsored that first person into our business that had a start-up expense of nearly $500!

We were excited, but we weren’t sure if that was just a one-time thing… So we continued implementing our new marketing strategies, and then it happened…




We couldn’t believe that we had previously spent countless hours chasing people, and that after implementing this totally simple strategy people were chasing us!

All I can say is…things got CRAZY!

Not only were people regularly contacting us to find out about our business, but they were even joining our business before ever speaking with us on the phone!

We decided to teach our strategies to a new team member who wanted to build her business online using our approach.

In a short period of time she too started sponsoring people into her business using the Internet…and that’s when we knew that we were onto something REALLY big!

So we decided to write a book to teach our team how to implement an attraction marketing campaign to get the same results.

Shortly after releasing the book to our team, we started being contacted by reps from other teams asking if we would teach them OUR secrets.

Our initial plan was to only share our strategies with our team…

But after getting some great feedback and sticking with our true desire to help as many people as possible…

We decided to make our strategies available to the public!


“There Is Hope . . .”

Now you too have the opportunity to get similar results in your business in just a short period of time! Our strategies will help you address the following home-business challenges:

#1 – How to build your business without chasing your family members and friends

#2 – How to generate an endless stream of free or low-cost leads for your business

#3 – How to attract and sponsor people that are truly interested in joining you in your
business without cold calling and rejection!

But before we get to the nitty gritty, I want to share a little strategy that you can use to generate free and low-cost targeted leads for your business RIGHT NOW . . .

I Call It The “Red Alert Method”…

The reason I call it that is because with this method I use a free tool called Google Alerts to generate some of the most red hot network marketing leads available on the Internet.

You see, in the past, to stay on top of the new company launches, you had to keep a close eye on all of the industry forums, websites and emails…Not Anymore.

Now you can use Google Alerts to notify you via e-mail any time someone mentions a keyword phrase such as “new mlm” or “new network marketing company” in the news, on blogs, videos or groups around the web.

So, here’s how it works:

The goal is to find red hot keywords that you can target with your free content such as blog posts, articles and videos. One of the best examples of a red hot keyword is a popular new MLM company that is generating a lot of “buzz” around the web during their pre-launch phase.

Why Is That Important?

There’s only a brief window of time to put yourself in the best position to take advantage of red hot keywords related to new companies or products in the industry.

By monitoring your e-mails from Google Alerts, you’ll be one of the first to know about a new keyword and improve your chances of getting in front of A LOT of free and dirt cheap traffic!

I’ve used Alerts to find red hot pay per click and pay per view keywords. By targeting keywords without much competition, I’ve been able to generate leads for as little as an astonishingly low $.56 each!


The Shift That Allowed Us To Sponsor More Than
464 People Without Chasing Prospects…

After many years of being in this industry, I’ve noticed a consistent pattern that I think explains why so many people fail when they start a new home business…

A large number of people buy into the notion that success revolves around the fact that this business is just a “Numbers Game”.

It’s true that if you tested this philosophy to extreme levels, it would turn out to be accurate. BUT, the amount of effort required to reach that level of success exceeds what most people are willing to put forth. Nevertheless, the average home business owner enters the market with the idea that everyone they encounter is a “prospect” for their new business. As a result, they try to “just talk to everyone” to sort through and find the “diamonds”…

Sound Familiar?!?

In reality, this “sorting” exposes many home business owners to harsh rejection and frustration…

We Know The Feeling…

We’ve Been There!

The “Missing Link” That Allowed Us To Go From Frustrating, Rejection-Laden Tactics Such As:

“You need 100 Nos to Get to a Yes”…to sponsoring more than 464 people without going through all of that pointless rejection…Was that there is a FAR better way to play the “Numbers Game”.

Imagine how different your business would be if everyone you spoke to about your business had pre-qualified themselves as a red hot prospect by raising their hand and asking you for more information about your business.

With an effective Attraction Marketing campaign you will go through a ton of prospects that say “no” to your offer, but you won’t even know they exist!

That’s because it’s all happening on auto-pilot as your prospects go through the information in your sales funnel!

Setting up an effective automated sales funnel can give you the power to approach your business with the confidence of Rocky stepping into the ring against a 100 year old lightweight.

All of the sorting will still get done just like “they” told you to do, with one big difference…

Your marketing funnel will do most of the HEAVY lifting for you!

Years of trial and error and thousands of dollars spent on training programs and different advertising opportunities have led to the development of our sponsoring approach.

Here’s What Other Entrepreneurs Say About Us

What Other's Say About Us

The Lead Whisperer 2.0 Mega Webinar…

Our Lead Whisperer training was originally developed to be the guide for our team that we wished we would have found after learning about the incredible concept of attraction marketing.

We’ve taken the results from our experience of sponsoring more than 464 people, becoming the #1 all-time producers in the Internet marketing training community we promoted and making hundreds of other affiliate sales over the last couple of years and put them together into a comprehensive training that you can follow to create your own long-term personal brand on the Internet.

Here’s just a taste of the what you’ll learn in
The Lead Whisperer 2.0 Mega Webinar…

Minute 15:35
– Learn how new reps can level the playing field with those old school gurus who park their Ferraris & BMWs outside of their meetings to impress prospects.

Minute 31:10 – Find out exactly what to say when you’re new and someone asks you the dreaded questions – How much money have you made and how big is your downline?

Minute 108:23 – Discover why some people think they can’t afford paid advertising & what you need to have in place to never worry about that again so you can have an endless stream of red-hot prospects to talk to about your business.

Plus tons more…

You May Be Asking “Is The Lead Whisperer’s 2.0
Mega Webinar Right For Me?”

Well, the answer really depends on you…

If you’re the kind of person who is looking for a “magic bullet” and don’t intend to learn and implement the powerful strategies we’ll be sharing with you, then NO…this product is not for you!


If you’re very serious about changing the results you’ve been getting in your home business or…

If you’ve just gotten started and you want to launch straight out of the gate without having to spend thousands of dollars and go through months or years of trial and error (like we did) to figure out what works and how to do it…

Then This Product is Definitely For YOU.

If the idea of continuing to pick up the phone to cold call a list of overpriced leads makes you sick to your stomach…then this product is for YOU.

If your family members and friends have started avoiding you like the plague for fear of being subjected to your latest MLM pitch…then you will certainly benefit from what you’ll be learning.

If you’re ready to reject the idea that massive rejection is an indicator that you’re somehow on your way to success…then this product is for YOU.

Because the strategies you’ll implement with our comprehensive training can help you collect those 100 NOs while you’re shopping or playing golf!

If you identify with any of the problems I just mentioned, then you already know this product is for YOU and that there is a very good chance that this product is the “KEY” to unlocking the success that you and I both know you are capable of achieving…


What Makes This Training Different?

When we first started learning about the concept of attraction marketing, what we found was a lot of conceptual information…

You Know What I’m Talking About…The “Here’s why you should do this” or “I did XYZ and had great success with it” and the even more disappointing…

“I’m not going to go through all of the exact steps I took to get those results” type of information.

When we finally DID get our hands on that type of training, we had to pay almost $500 to get it…

Quite frankly, we would have gladly been willing to spend $1,000 or more for the kind of detailed instruction we provide given all of the money we spent trying to figure everything out on our own…

But don’t worry you aren’t going to have pay anywhere near $1,000 to access this powerful training!

In fact, I think you are going to be VERY EXCITED about the incredible package that we’ve put together exclusively for our loyal newsletter subscribers…

But I’ll get to that as well as all of the awesome bonus we’ll include for you in just a second…

What we’ve put together for you is a way for you to learn the specific powerful strategies that we’ve used to accomplish our incredible results so that you can start implementing them into your business. Does that sound good?


“Here’s What You Get. . .”

Instant access
to the  3-hour Lead Whisperer 2.0 Mega Webinar where you’ll learn:

#1 – How to build your business without chasing your family members and friends

#2 – How to generate an endless stream of free or low-cost leads for your business

#3 – How to attract and sponsor people that are truly interested in joining you in your
business without cold calling and rejection!

Plus a PDF copy of the Mega Webinar transcript for your digital library.

Value: $597


“But Wait…There’s More!”

In addition to all of the powerful information included in this jam-packed webinar, you’ll also receive instant access to The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Building A Savvy Business Online in your back office!

Value: $247

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But Don’t Worry, Because With This Special Offer Just For Our Loyal Newsletter Subscribers, You’re NOT Going to have to pay $844, Even Though That Would Still Be A Great Deal For The Value of The Information We’re Providing To You In This Package.

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In Fact, Today You Can Get The Entire Lead Whisper 2.0 Mega Webinar As Part Of This Offer For…


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That’s right, for just the cost of your favorite specialty coffee drink a day this month…

You can get access to these powerful business-changing secrets…

*Please note these products will be made available to you digitally, so you will receive access after your purchase is complete without having to wait for delivery. No physical products will be delivered.


Remember With Our Training You Will Learn…

  • How to build your business without chasing your family members and friends.
  • How to generate red-hot leads on auto-pilot so you have more time to do other things.
  • How to sponsor people without cold calling and rejection..this one makes everyone happy!

But Rich…

Is this really going to help me sponsor more people, or will it just be enough information to make me want to buy another product?

The information in this course covers the ACTUAL steps that we took to build a list of tens of 1,000s of contacts and sponsor more than 464 people using the Internet.*

(*FTC disclaimer- Our results are not typical of the average home business owner. The average home business owner may not achieve any results with our product. We worked very hard to create these results and you should expect to do so as well. The question you should ask yourself is, “Do you want to be average?”)

What if I decide this product just isn’t for me?

No problem! We want you to be 100% satisfied, which is why we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.


“We’re Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is And Offering You A ‘No Questions Asked’ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee…”

That’s right! We are so sure that you will like our product that we are offering an 30 Day Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply send us an e-mail any time within the next 30 days for a full, prompt refund, with absolutely no questions asked!

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part.

The burden to deliver and satisfy rests entirely on us. Fair enough?


Rich & Natasha


With This Special You Can Get The Entire
Lead Whisperer 2.0 Mega Webinar For Just $77 $47

“Now It’s Time To Decide”

Think about where you are right now in your business and ask yourself…

“Is that ok?”

Where are you headed one year from today on your present course?

Continuing to fail probably means daily rejection from uninterested prospects, more sleepless nights, mounting debt, and worst of all…admitting defeat to your family and friends.

If you’re not satisfied with where you are right now in your business and you KNOW you have what it takes to succeed…

Picture how different things could be once you learn a few key skills that could allow you to attract an endless supply of red-hot prospects to your business on a regular basis.

No Matter Which Option You Choose, I’m Sure You’ll Make The Right Decision For Yourself, Your Business And Your Future.

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