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Round One- Group 1

Congratulations to Group 1 Winner- Julee Huston!

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • Heather Quisel: “How to Cultivate a Network of People Who Are WILD About Building Your Business”
  • Julee Huston: “6 Keys to get you more productive in the next 48 hours or less!”
  • Marsha Godwin: “Simple SEO Tips”
  • Jared Hager “3 Easy Steps That Any Beginner Can Do To Mobilize Their Business”
  • Michelle Geyer: “Boogeymen, Monsters and Creeps: How to Help Your Kids Stay Safe Online”

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Presentation Handouts

Click Here for Heather Quisel’s Handout

Click Here for Julee Huston’s Handout

Click Here for Marsha Godwin’s Handout

Click Here for Jared Hager’s Handout

Click Here for Michelle Geyer’s Handout

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