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The Lead Whisperer 2.0

For a limited time, you can get full access to the Lead Whisperer 2.0 Mega-Webinar for just $77 $47!

This mega-webinar is Natasha and Rich Hazlett’s foundational home-business training that shares the overall strategy and steps that they have taken to generate more than 40,000 leads, recruit hundreds of people, become the #1 producers in a popular training community and generate 100s of sales of their own training products using the Internet…all without making cold calls or chasing uninterested prospects.

Here’s just a taste of what’s in this power-packed training:
Minute 15:35 – Learn how new reps can level the playing field with those old school gurus who park their Ferraris & BMWs outside of their meetings to impress prospects.

Minute 31:10 – Find out exactly what to say when you’re new and someone asks you the dreaded questions – How much money have you made and how big is your downline?

Minute 108:23 – Discover why some people think they can’t afford paid advertising & what you need to have in place to never worry about that again so you can have an endless stream of red-hot prospects to talk to about your business.

You’ll learn all of this and much more in this nearly 3-hour mega-webinar as well as full access to the original Lead Whisperer’s Guide To Attraction Marketing training materials in your back office!

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Early feedback we’ve received…

“Half way through the mega webinar on the lead whisperer 2.0 and I am very impressed. I can not wait to finish. It is answering a lot of questions I have had and making sense of everything.” – Jared H. (Portland, Oregon)