Welcome to the Fast Forward Coaching Program!

Congratulations on taking a huge step in fast-forwarding your results online!

In order to get started with the program, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Complete the Fast Forward Business Assessment  (pdf)

Step 2: Read Clarifying You Inc. (pdf)

Step 3:  Schedule Your Coaching Session Under Private Coaching

Step 4:  Beginning with Module 1, work through each module including the worksheets.  Because the modules build on one another, to make the most of the program, please do not move to the next module until you have completed the previous module in its entirety.

Important:  If this is your first time in the Fast Forward Coaching Program, you should only complete Modules 1-3 before your coaching session.  Please remember that you must return all worksheets 24 hours in advance of your coaching session.   No Exceptions.

Advanced Coaching Program Students:  I will coordinate a lesson plan appropriate for your level.

To The Top!