As a JV Partner, you’ll receive a 51% commission on Branded which will sell initially for $297, and one week later will increase to $397. After the formal launches closes, the course will sell for $497. There will be an upsell consisting of private coaching, and you’ll receive 10% commission on the upsell (Upsell priced at $497 or higher).

Here’s what Branded includes:

Class 1: Branding 101
Class 2: Finding Your Money Pond
Class 3: Attracting Your Ideal Client
Class 4: Discovering Your Unique Selling Propostion
Class 5: The Irresistible Brand Formula
Class 6: The Brand ATM Formula
Class 7: The Enchanting Brand Formula
Class 8: The Brand Loyalty Formula

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Sneak Peek At 2 of The Pre-Launch Videos

Rocky Road

**Note** Third Pre-Launch Video Includes A Contest for a Free Apple iPad!

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