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Class 1: Branding 101

Part 1 of 3: Branding 101

(Run Time: 16:35)

Part 2 of 3: You, Inc.

(Run Time: 9:12)

Part 3 of 3:Authentic Branding When You’re New

(Run Time: 31:28)

Class 1 Handout

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Class 1 Supplement

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Class 1 Workbook

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Class 1 Action Steps

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  1. Just finished this segment and looking forward to working with you to help me focus and drive and build my online business and presence.

    I am really trying to focus and narrow my USP, and bring it all together.

    Goal is to transition from 30 year Technical Recruiter to Career Coach for those people still climbing the ladder and to help those with mo ladder to transition to Attraction Marketing and coaching.


    • Rich and Natasha

      I’m looking forward to helping you transition as well. You’re mighty talented and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress throughout the course! 🙂 -Natasha

  2. Really great stuff Natasha! Stacia is such a great example for all of us!

    • Rich and Natasha

      Thanks Laurie! 🙂 Stacia is a fabulous example, we’re so proud of her!

  3. Wow, Natasha! As someone who is in the process of redesign, I am well aware of the importance/challenge of building Me, Inc.!! Class 1 under my belt and already ideas are formulating and focus is sharpening! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Rich and Natasha

      Woo Hoo Agnes! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  4. Dear Natasha,

    Once again you are giving up the goods. Each video is jam packed with crucial information. I greatly appreciate all of the effort you have put into this course and I look forward to “fast forwarding” my business as each lesson is unlocked. Thank you!!!

    • Rich and Natasha

      Thanks Michelle! Glad to see there’s another “Bacon” fan in the group! LOL You’ve made such tremendous strides in your business this year and I can’t WAIT to see you take things to the next level!

  5. Oh, and can I just also say that you had me at “bacon.” 😉

  6. Josephine

    Natasha, Thanks for not only giving us such great information, but also doing such a great job of creating vivid examples that stick in our minds! My question for this week is: How do I transform my new business and event into oatmeal, which is a much different question than I had yesterday. Thanks for the great direction (grin)! I was also very encouraged by your success snowball examples — the bear hugs with love really touched my heart. I just have to keep reminding myself to take it one small win at a time and have faith that it will spiral into big difference I want to help women make in the world!

    • Rich and Natasha

      My pleasure, Josephine! Yes, take it one step at a time, I know you will make an ENORMOUS difference in this lives of women and I’m looking forward to being a small step in that exciting journey!

  7. Congrats Natasha on the launch of Branded! Looks like you have a winner with it!

    Class 1 was excellent! You gave clear direction and provided vivid examples. It is so exciting to see Stacia develop under the guidance you have provided to her…she is an excellent example of how it can be done when you find your voice, provide a solution and specialize.

    Looking forward to Class2!

    • Rich and Natasha

      Thanks so much Marsha! This course has certainly been a long time comin’. Rich and I are super excited to see many many more success stories!

  8. Irma Willard

    I filled out everything to get the book for 7.50 and it asked me for a method of shipping for which I could not find a way to state any method.

    Can you help me

    • Rich and Natasha

      Hi Irma,
      It looks like once you fill in your state and zip code, the available shipping methods pop up. If you still have issues, you may want to try ordering the book on : )
      – Natasha

  9. Natasha Rocks! As always you material is clear and complete.

    Thanks for your hard work!

    Hale Yes!

    • Rich and Natasha

      Oh HALE Yes! Thanks Hale : ) So glad you’re enjoying the course!
      Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

  10. Class 1 was awesome. I already am starting to get focused after watching the videos. I have been hearing people talking about niches and branding but these videos really talked about them in a way that is easy to understand. I can not wait for the other classes and work ahead. I already see my self transitioning.

    • Rich and Natasha

      That’s fantastic Jared! Thanks so much for the awesome feedback 🙂

  11. I love your frankness and honesty and how I can do this without any known skills.

    • Rich and Natasha

      Thanks JoAnn : ) (And by the way, you DO have lots of skills….you just need to uncover them, and then market them! That’s what this course is all about!)

  12. I just want to know ONE thing. I just finished up watching video 3…and HOW the heck am I suppose to go to sleep with my head whirling with the ideas that are springing up??!! I truly feel as though I have finally found the map, blueprint, treasure map, call it what you may…. In fact, I’ve just finished cleaning up my inbox. Laser Focus from now until the end of the course. No time to read anyone other emails, programs, buy this, buy that, do this, do that. I’m wiping my slate clean and starting over with BRANDED! I will not allow my brain to be muddled, fuddled, overloaded, or distracted. I do rejoice in the long, bumpy journey that brought me to this point. But it’s time for some new asphalt to smooth the way…

    • Rich and Natasha

      Hopefully you’ve gotten some sleep by now Kim! 🙂 Welcome to the smooth asphalt!

  13. For some reason I keep wanting to run from what ” I’m good at” I find my making excuses, perhaps fear comes into play. I’m deciding right here right now, I’m doing this.
    Please feel free to hold me accountable.Thank you

    • Rich and Natasha

      Ask and ye shall receive Grace! We will absolutely hold you accountable!

  14. Natasha, This really all makes since, as my MLM I am selling a service, but what I am really selling is an opportunity to change people’s life. I need this branding, as I am a new student to On Line marketing and with this platform, is going to be so beneficial to me and all of us, so we don’t (as you said) make all those mistakes. Just watching your video I can see now that my website is so wihimy and I will need a lot of work and help also my site is so I really don’t know how to explain accept that is needs a lot of twiking. I also can see from this I really need focus..

  15. Kristy

    Hi Natasha,
    I’m having trouble downloading the workbook and the action steps. nothing shows up….how can I access?

    • Rich and Natasha

      Try using a browser other than Firefox! For some reason Firefox users have trouble downloading the PDFs!

  16. I’m really excited to learn about branding and how it relates to the customer experience. I now understand that I must be more focused and consistent as I interact with my audience. I like how you get right to the point and your worksheets and notes force me to think about branding and how it relates to me. I can’t wait for more….class 2 here I come.

  17. Nancy Lee

    I really enjoyed the Class. I am in school for sure to learn how to find out who I am and who I can help to be a success online as a MLM.. I downloaded all the Handouts so I will get to work. Thanks for all the encouragement for the new person that doesn’t know a lot about Branding ME. I have always done for everyone else not me. So I am excited and fill like I am on the right track.

  18. Thank you, Natasha for your valuable insights and success stories! I’m super excited about getting focused on branding!

  19. Hi Natasha, thank you for your teaching on branding. After seeing Stacia’s story I can tell you that I have renewed hope in Network Marketing. I am brand new in this field and to be a success at it, I will have to put my heart and soul into it. I have come too far, spent too much money in education and materials to turn back now. So I look forward to learning from your program

    • Rich and Natasha

      Hi Sandra, we’re so happy to have you here in Branded! I know exactly how you feel- and that kind of perseverance is exactly what helped us to hit our BIG goals!

  20. SJ HUnt

    Great Information and teaching! Exactly what I have come to expect from the DMC+ family of Mentors, Coaches and Trainers. I fell very lucky to be in the right place at the right time and with the right people to help me with my journey to becoming Successfully Branded.I Thank you all in advance.

    • Rich and Natasha

      So glad you are enjoying it! 🙂

  21. So glad I bought this! It is so worth the money I spent and more. Thanks, Natasha for creating this. I want to be Branded.

  22. Sean Williams

    Wow, finally got started into this series and it is intense! I love the step-by-step, bit-by-bit style in these videos and the reassurance you offer throughout to take it one step at a time.

  23. I am so excited to get started. I have been doing a 90 day online video marketing challenge and I am just getting my blog out but now Im starting to think its all wrong. Now Im a little nervous:( I am focusing on health and wellness but now I feel I want to focus on opportunity. I feel like your program is going to put all my puzzle pieces together once and for all

  24. Tom Rogers


    Very through and thought provoking.

  25. Thank you very much!! So excited to make some serious improvements and business leaps with the guidance of some amazing leadership and experience!