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My First Irresistible Offer

The Non-Writer’s Guide to Creating a Free Offer

(Run Time: 17:33)

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How to Create, Upload & Deliver an eBook

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to Create an eBook with MS Word
  • How to Create a Hyperlink in a PDF
  • How to Create a Copyright Mark For Your eBook
  • How to Upload Your eBook to EZS3
  • How to Deliver Your eBook via Aweber & Your Blog

(Run Time: 16:07)

How to Create PowerPoint Videos

(Run Time: 8:11)

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How To Create a Rockin’ PowerPoint Video Presentation

(Run Time: 9:34)

How to Privately Host Your Videos

(Run Time: 2:55)

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How to Link Amazon & EZs3

(Run Time: 0:42)

How to Upload to EZs3 & Create a Video Player

(Run Time: 8:33)

How to Embed a Video on Your Website

(Run Time: 1:25)

How to Create a Video Series on Your Website

(Run Time: 13:33)

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Inside The Beginner’s Guide to Building You, Inc.

(Run Time: 30:04)

The Ultimate Free Offer Checklists

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Q & A Call

(Run Time: 64:37)