Archived Coaching Calls
Class 1 & 2

Call 1 Topics:   I Have  a Lot of Products, Which One Should I Sell?  

Call 2 Topics:  
How will Branded help me sell my Network Marketing opportunity?
How do I pick a Niche if I’m selling an Network Marketing opportunity?
What is an “autoresponder”?
How does “attraction marketing work?”

Call 3 Topics:
“I need help narrowing my Niche!”

Call 4 Topics:
“I’m in Network Marketing, should I sell the Product or the Opportunity?”

Call 5 Topics:
“What do I do if I have 2 Niches?”

Call 6 Topics:
“Can You Give Me Feedback on My Niche Choice?”

Call 7 Topics:
“Which Niche Should I Choose?”

Call 8 Topics:
“I need help with my Niche”

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  1. Natasha, I listened to your webinar tonight and oh was that helpful in lesson 3. I have sent you my sheets on lesson one and now I just listened to the back office of the Hot seat for lesson one and two. And wilh that I feel I can narrow my Niche down even more, and will have it ready for next week session or should I do it tomorrow with lesson one and I can send you an e-mail with my sheet where I have my Niche narrow down. Thanks and I am now finally getting excited that this maybe is some think I really can do. Thanks so much for your leadership. Kindly JoAnn

    • Rich and Natasha

      Hi JoAnn, it would be most helpful if you could complete the Class 2 Workbook before our call : )

  2. Natasha, After listening to this I am going to re-do my Lesson 2 before I send it in. I have a total new and awsome revelation. And know exactly what and who I want to target. Thanks this really was so helpful.

  3. Rich and Natasha

    LOVE hearing that you have had an Awesome Revelation JoAnn! Yay! I’m looking forward to hearing about it!

  4. Pat Campbell

    Natasha, I understand better the layers of Niche to drill down to target market. Will go back to my homework. Just feel like my avatar has a host of people targeting them.:-)

    I sure look forward to a conversation sometime.

  5. Dear Natasha,

    I am interested in how to overcome the objection of the pyramid scheme from those who did not buy in to the MLM model.
    Would you please comment on this for me?

    I just purchased DMC+ and saw the value of your program, and am currently working on getting my site up.


    • Rich and Natasha

      This is a GREAT question for the Facebook Group Page! : )