Welcome to Your Branded! Back Office


**Watch The Videos Below Before You Start**


Please Note: The 16-Week Branded Laser Coaching Bonus was for Founding Members of Branded in 2012

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  1. Dana

    Will there be a Q&A webinar tomorrow night Oct 24 to cover Class 1&2? Will you send out a link for this?

    • Rich and Natasha

      Yes, the link is right there under the date. It says “Register For the Q&A Now” : )

  2. Aman

    Hi Natasha

    On the down drop menu My Products, I see Two things are they the same?
    Personal Branding and Branded! 100%Authentic

    Also on the drop down menu Product offers, I see this same product I bought
    is being sold again or it is another product?

    Branded, I’m Lovein It. Can I have an affiliate URL or Do I have an affiliate URL or Can you provide me an affiliate URL to add it to my BillionaireLaunchFORMULA Portfolio?
    Aman Founder of BillionaireLaunchFORMULA

  3. Aman,

    Welcome to Branded!

    To answer your questions, it’s the same thing that you purchased! This is a System-Wide navigation bar for all of our products.

    SO glad you’re enjoying it! You can absolutely register as an affiliate at
    You can earn a 40% commission on the sale of Branded : )


  4. Hello! So happy to be here. If we have just started with Branded, does that mean we will never be on a live call? I see that there are upcoming calls, but we would not be on those lessons by the time those calls actually happen.
    Thank you,

    • Rich and Natasha

      Hi Maria! The Branded Founders’ class that started in October 2012 is just wrapping up. They are going through live Q & A calls. We’ve got a couple of live calls left as of now (February 2013). You are more than welcome to attend! For everyone that purchases in the future, the entire course is recorded. That said, between the Q & A calls and the Archived Coaching Calls, you’ll find that most of you questions are answered. Any other questions you can post on the Facebook group page! Hope this helps!

  5. Hi Natasha!

    So wonderful to meet you in Minnesota. I’m going to be going slow…just because I still have one of my 3 children at home with me. And, I am going to be out of town for a few days so I thought I would print off something things to be working on while I’m gone (will only have one child!!) — will be coachable from now on and do exactly what you say in order to not get bogged down with info, LOL!

    So looking forward to be coached by you! Thanks for all you did in Minnesota, Julie Smithwick

  6. Marian

    I am excited. I have been at this for almost 2 years program to program. I realized I have been going around in circles, not knowing exactly what my goal is and not having a Brand or having my intention set. I just floundered from program to program and getting very frustrated and down on myself.
    Look forward to having all of this resolved by the end of this class.