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Here’s a copy of the e-mail I mentioned in the video:


It seems like only yesterday that I
was on the verge of tears, at 2 a.m., telling
Rich that there was something that every “guru”
knew about building a business online- that
we didn’t.

I was SO incredibly frustrated.

By that time, we had spent thousands
upon thousands of dollars on trainings.

Weekends were workdays for us.

I stayed up until the wee hours of the night
working on our business, and then would
go into work at the law firm and get home at
6:30 or 7 p.m. and go back to building
our business ’til after midnight.

Then the cycle started all over again the next

At that time, we were generating 10-15
leads a day.

We experienced months where we made
several thousand dollars and it seemed like my
dream of quitting my full-time job as attorney
was just around the corner…

Then the company I was promoting forced
me to delete 18 months of marketing due
to a “corporate policy change”.

(how awful is that?!?)

This was a really, really low point for me. : (

It was as if the 3 years we spent trying
to build our business was all for nothing
because the goal of quitting my full-time
job seemed to be another 5 years in the

But the thought of having to go to my
job every day for the next 5 years made
me sick to my stomach.

I had a totally crappy vacation policy
at work, AND (get this….) no personal
days or sick days!

So I got sick way more than I ever had
in the past (I only took a sick day once
at my previous job) because my co-workers
came to work with the flu, sinus infections,
strep throat, you name it….

just so they didn’t have to forego one of
their vacation days!

It was completely ridiculous, really.

I felt like I worked in a petri dish!

I remember this one time when I had a
surgery and had to take time off to
recover and guess what?

No vacations days left to go home to
visit our family! : (

Fortunately they decided to make the trip
to come see us- but of course I had to go
into work while they were visiting
because…you guessed it!

I didn’t have any vacation days left!

So, back to that night at 2 AM….

Sheer exhaustion and frustration at my
job led to a mini-breakdown.

I cried to Rich and said “I don’t give a rip
if we have to pay some Guru $5000 for an
hour consultation- we need the secret to making
“quit-your-job income” in our business!

I was tired of hearing hype-y sales letters
that promised six figures in 30 days.

That was BS (and still is, by the way)

If one more person told me about a
“ground floor” opportunity or a
“revolutionary compensation plan,”
to help me quit my job, I was going
to go ballistic!

***Super Important Golden Nugget:
People are attracted to people NOT companies
or products, which is why building an authentic
brand may be THE most important thing you
ever do in your business (in addition to the next
“secret” we discovered, which I’m about to share
with you).***

As it turns out, that saying “when the student
is ready, the teacher will appear” is TOTALLY

We got invited to a webinar which literally
changed the course of our business forever.

In that webinar, we learned that the one thing
that we were missing in our business was a

It was a “No Duh!” moment for us!

I mean, contractors don’t build houses without
a blueprint, why would it be any different for
a business owner trying to generate
“quit-your-job” income?

(It’s not!)

Now….right now you may be freaking out
and saying to yourself

“Damn! Natasha, I don’t have a blueprint!
No one told me that I needed a blueprint!”

No worries!

As usual, I’ve got you covered, just keep
reading! ; )

Once we got a blueprint in place
our income started to grow….a lot!

We started steadily generating thousands of
dollars every single month.

We started making sales of our own products
virtually every day.

Then we joined a top-tier direct sales company
and started making top tier sales of $2,000 or
more without having to even pick up the phone.

As if that wasn’t enough, within 5 months of
joining that company, we were named as the
Spotlight Members and a few months later we
were honored with the Rising Star Award at
the company’s event.

We had industry leaders asking us
to train and speak at their live events.

Life was getting really exciting!

Then came the doozy….
I was sitting at the office one day,
during a particularly slow month at my job and
I realized that something crazy had happened
and I didn’t even realize it!

I discovered that going to my j-o-b
(a/k/a the Petri Dish) was actually
COSTING us money!

That was one WILD realization!

(so shortly thereafter, I think I took a vacation
day off to celebrate! LOL)

A few weeks later, I walked into my boss’ office
and rocked his WORLD!

I quit my full-time job as an attorney.

(BEST feeling in the world, by the way!)

On Wednesday night, I’m opening the playbook
and I’m going to share with you the most important
things that I’ve learned that helped us create a viable
six-figure income online.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg….

You’ll learn

#1. The silent business killers that are literally
sucking the life out of your business (and leave you
miserable and broke)

#2. My Tried and True Method For Creating An
Authentic Foundation for your brand even if you’re
brand spankin’ new and have zero results.

(Tip: Faking it ’til you make it not only doesn’t work,
it can sabotage your business from the start)

#3. The Fool-Proof Test to ensuring that your Niche
isn’t a Money Pit. (Clue: If you are unable to pass this
test, you’ll find yourself on a hamster wheel getting
absolutely nowhere…fast.)

#4. How to find an audience SO hungry that making
sales is like shooting fish in a barrel.

(Tip: If you aren’t using this strategy and you DON’T
have the budget of Coca Cola, you’re chances of
massive success in the near future are slim-to-none)

#5. The red-hot strategy that I used to score an
$80K windfall profit at the age of 17 that you
need in your business.

(Hint: Without the strategy, your business is pretty
much doomed from the get-go. Every successful
business has this…and you need it too!)

#6. The Formula For Creating an Irresistible Brand
That Will Increase Your Sales.

(My students have told me that this formula has been
the missing link in their business!)

After this training, you will:

· F-I-N-A-L-L-Y have a clear plan of exactly
how to build a successful six-figure income online
without any of that fake and hype-y nonsense

· Discover precisely what’s been holding you
back in your business and keeping you from reaching
your business goals

· Know if your current niche is a money pit that
needs to be abandoned ASAP.

* Plus, you will immediately receive my bonus presentation:
“How to Turn Your Blog into Your Personal ATM”

You’ll learn how I was able to replace my healthy attorney
salary without selling snake oil, or being fake or hype-y or
any of that other sketchy garbage that you see from
time-to-time online.

So here’s how it works:

#1- You will receive this fast-paced LIVE training on
Wednesday, April 3rd at 9PM EST.

As a special bonus, I’ll also be interacting with direct
questions from you and others on how to implement
the blueprint immediately.

#2- You’ll receive the full-recording for your digital
library. Plus the Brand Assessment, Class Handout
and Class Workbook PDFs so you can get started

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#3- Experiencing this information in a LIVE setting,
and being able to ask specific and direct questions to
me is a benefit that others pay me $350 per hour to receive.

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#4- I’m not holding anything back in this 90-minute webinar.

I’m giving you the step-by-step plan for building your brand.

I’m also giving you some fool-proof checklists that to date-
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See you Wednesday!